Chloe Designer Sunglasses Are Fashion Icons and They Are Not As Pricey As You May Think


The Chloe label first appeared in Paris in 1952 when Gaby Aghion, a 31 yr old Egyptian fashion designer designed her very first ready to wear fashion range and adopted the Chloe model name to identify her new goods. Previous to the release of Chloe, fashion houses had focussed on made to measure outfits which was clearly incredibly expensive and was only obtained by the prosperous. With the release of design wear that may be produced in bulk in a large choice of sizes, the Chloe selection of fashion merchandise opened the designer fashion industry for the general public. Gaby diverged from the formal design goods of the 1950’s and constructed a wide variety of good quality, soft, body conscious attire that proved to be an instant success. Luxurious, romantic and un-mistakenly French, Chloe continues to this day to manufacture ready to wear stylish garments and accessories for women of all ages the world over.

In the mid 1980’s the Chloe design group was purchased by the Richemont Group, a substantial Swiss conglomerate which propelled Chloe onto the forefront of the world wide stage and has since made Chloe the epitome of global fashion and design. Chloe’s achievement was also improved by their ability to recognise and hire talented people including Christiana Bailly, Michele Rosier and Stella McCartney to fashion their range of eye wear along with other design merchandise. This led to the Chloe logo being noticed on a number of stars of the day such as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas and Grace Kelly from the 1970’s and current day stars including Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman and Lou Doillon. Chloe is currently a large world wide fashion brand name and is distributed through a community of boutiques in large capital cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Dubai, Spain, and Kuwait.

Chloe Eyeglasses

The Chloe range of designer sunglasses contain bold contemporary variations with the glamour that may be simply defined by the name Chloe. The extensive array of frame styles range from the traditionally styled Chloe aviator eye glasses with gold polymer frames and eggplant lenses to bronze and plum wayfarer frames with black reflective lenses along with the modern day oversized eyeglasses incorporating black or horn coloured frames and black, tonal lenses. Colors are exquisitely chosen and included in to the frames as solid blocks or in patterns to boost the look of the end product and Chloe is renowned for their original use of colours incorporating plums, greys and aqua marines through to cocoa and pink.

The Chloe frame variety is generally produced from acetate plastics but also provides a smaller collection of metallic and metal/acetate combination frames for those truly seeking that personal pair of eye glasses. All Chloe eye wear are created using only the very best quality materials and are tested for resilience, resistance to chemical damage and resistance to impact ensuring that your pair of Chloe sun glasses will last for a great number of years to come.

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